Saturday, December 13, 2014


Home. Finally I arrive home after a long time away. I knock on the door. It opens. I see brother. I see my brother known since my earliest days on earth. It's good to see you, I say. He smiles. I see happiness. He invites me inside and shows me around the house. He points to work done while I was gone. Thank you for taking care of matters during my absence, I say. The house belongs to me, not him. His temporary presence protects a home we once shared. He takes me to the garage. No tools. No clutter. Absolutely clean except for a large sculpted piece in the center. Relief images on it gleam in the light shining through the open garage door. What is that? A dryer. A dryer for leaves. For leaves? For marijuana leaves. For pot? Yes. He smiles. I see happiness. It has to go, you know, not now but someday when I sell the house, I say. He smiles. I see pride. Then, I feel a pull. I feel a pull that I resist without success. I see my bedroom. I see the winter morning darkness. No longer do I float between sleep and awake. No home. No dryer. No brother. No brother who left years ago forever. No brother from my earliest days except when he lives in my dreamscape. There, he smiles still.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Pick a color and express your grief. Only you can choose for you. How about Red Hot Red or Red Pepper Sizzle? (Note the absence of blue.) The shade of your grief reflects inside out. Maybe Incognito in Sausalito or Black Cherry Chutney? Say something about your specific sadness with your choice. Each reveals differences of your personal shade of grief. For example, Road House Blues takes a lane quite apart from Life Can't Copacabana. One fuels you to ride wild in the wind. The other sinks you into sand up to the ankles. That's Berry Daring gives permission to cry in public. Black Glows Red seals the letter for a future date (or maybe never ever to send or open). Pick a color and express your grief. Only you can choose for you.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


don't let it goof up your happiness. 

you're finding it. 

just smile and say that you have a great life. 

make it an ally. 

the important thing in life is people. 

changing your attitude is the hardest. 

you don't like it and you're becoming super aware of it. 

if you fight it, you're dead meat.